Angelo Scaroni VINI | Amen
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About This Project


I restrained the curiosity to go back to the roots.

The fake ardour of fleeting encounters and the urgency of events have passed, now the time is ripe.

I left her to do what she knows how to do best: refine, enhance, enrich.

In religious silence, I enjoy the last sip. The ceremony is over, now I can savour the spiritual essence of life itself.

I immerse myself in this enveloping, vertiginous experience.

I rediscover the joyful cries of a child, the discoveries along the paths of the fields, the scents of vineyards in autumn.

I thank the sun, the earth, the water, man. And, appreciative, I extol my praises to life.

In closing, one word comes to my mind, a last, definite word.