Angelo Scaroni VINI | Journey
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About This Project


Dawn displayed herself in her best attire: bright, perfumed.

I chose the suitcase, I closed the door behind me, I offered a new look at the world before me.

Nothing will be as it was before.

Because the journey offers new perspectives, and it is through traveling that we discover things that we didn’t even know we were searching for. But of which we had much need.

Fatal to bigotry, enemy to prejudice. It is this. And many other things.

Because from the first step, the most difficult, to the destination, the least important, there is everything.

I want to travel to discover divine landscapes, endless skies, boundless lands.

And then linger in silence, watching the road, measuring the fields and pathways with slow steps.

I know: upon returning everything will be different. But it is through the journey that I can reach the soul of life itself.